10 Requirements for Long Term Food Storage

10 Requirements for Long Term Food Storage

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10 Requirements for Long Term Food Storage - tips
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This is a very simple article that details some very important pieces of the food storage process. Its a full article that doesn’t talk about the actual food to be stored. Rather, it focuses on how to store and plan to do things the right way with your food storage.  The 10 requirements that are covered in this article are all crucial elements to food storage. My favorite is number 9 which talks about making sure you have a secure and safe water source for all the dried food you have bought.

Another interesting one to factor in the storage of spices and seasonings. Its important that we don’t just look to survive on this food but lets make it taste good. The article is a great reference for anyone storing food or beginning a food storage plan. Which requirement is your favorite?

10 Requirements for Long Term Food Storage

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