65 DIY Projects To Turn Your Trash Into Treasure

65 DIY Projects To Turn Your Trash Into Treasure

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65 DIY Projects To Turn Your Trash Into Treasure - life hack
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When it comes to decluttering your home or apartment, you may just grab a handful of trash bags and start either throwing out, recycling or donating, without thinking twice about how your old “trash” can actually be turned into something useful.

So drop that trash bag. You may not usually think about how you can turn our broken light bulbs and our old silverware into useful recreations for your home. Did you know that a soda tab can actually be used as a wall hook? Even if you don’t normally “DIY,” that doesn’t mean you can’t create trash into treasure with easy DIY projects for your home. Some projects can save you tons of money, not to mention, give you a fun weekend crafting activity to do with friends and family. Plus, the best projects are the ones that are made by you, so why not make a fun DIY gift?

The best home decorating projects are inexpensive if not free, creative, and inspirational. After all, how much can you really buy at a flea market anyway? And you know you don’t want to add even more clutter to your home. If you’re going to recycle, why not just upcycle?

65 DIY Projects To Turn Your Trash Into Treasure

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