7 Reasons You Should Raise Chickens

7 Reasons You Should Raise Chickens

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7 Reasons You Should Raise Chickens - tips
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This is a great article that seems like a no brainer to the chicken owner. As someone who enjoys the company of chickens I remember a time before my birds when I too was on the fence about bringing these creatures into my world. I was concerned about what issues might occur with chickens on a small urban property. I was worried about a lot until I saw them in action. This article lays out some of the best reasons to keep chickens around.

It opens up of course with eggs. There is no better protein source that you can produce in such a small area. You will know everything about these eggs and what makes them up. The article touches on other great aspects of keeping chickens as well. The birds drastic effect on ticks and other backyard pests is unparalleled and eliminates the need to spray harmful chemicals. They are also just great companions. They our on a mission and its great to sit back and watch these little raptors go to work on the landscape.

7 Reasons You Should Raise Chickens

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