Amazing Winter Squash Recipes

Amazing Winter Squash Recipes

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Using seasonal produce is not only economical, it becomes necessary when you are growing your own vegetables and fruit. At some point we have to wean ourselves off of the convenience of buying whatever suits our fancy at a supermarket, and instead learning to enjoy the bounty of the season. It can seem like there are limited options for us during the winter, but there are actually plenty of winter vegetables that are perfect for hearty, warming meals.

Cooking Light has a list of delicious recipes using different kinds of winter squash. An awesome plus to winter squash is its versatility it can be used in both savory and sweet dishes. From a fragrant, spiced roasted squash soup to an acorn squash bowl filled with apples, pecans, and caramel, there is definitely something for everyone in this list of recipes. For those of us who are new to working with winter squash, Cooking Light also has a tutorial on how to cut them they have hardy skins for the winter!

Amazing Winter Squash Recipes

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