An Open Letter to Single Parent Preppers

An Open Letter to Single Parent Preppers

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An Open Letter to Single Parent Preppers - guide
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It seems like most preparedness books and articles assume that everyone is comfortably ensconced in a 2-parent family. But who knows better than anyone how quickly the rug can be pulled out from under them than a single parent? Single parent preppers are becoming more and more common these days, but there isn’t a lot of information just for them.

Single parents wear a lot of hats. They are the breadwinner, the disciplinarian, the homekeeper, the chef, and the decision-maker. And if generally holding down the fort isn’t enough work, add to this,  preparedness efforts. When folks think about family preparedness, they usually consider the traditional family unit, with two parents, some children, and maybe a grandparent.  Often, it seems like single parent preppers are completely overlooked in these scenarios.

Even worse, when you do see an article about prepping as a single parent, it’s nearly always written by a married person and is a rehash of a prepping 101 article, advising the storage of emergency food and some extra water.  There is little advice particularly for the single parent that discusses the onus of decision-making and doing it all alone.

There are also people who present single parenthood as a losing battle in a SHTF-disaster. This is discouraging and wrong. You can be every bit as prepared. It is your determination and preparations that will see you through a difficult situation, exactly like anyone else, regardless of their family dynamics.

Here’s a genuine, non-judgmental look at single parent preppers – written by a single parent prepper.

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