Ask a Prepper Series: Desert Island Survival Scenario

Ask a Prepper Series: Desert Island Survival Scenario

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Ask a Prepper Series: Desert Island Survival Scenario - emergency
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Besides shooting the shit when we get together, we sometimes like to run through survival scenarios. One of us had caught that Tom Hanks Castaway movie showing on TV recently and another had stumbled on this online image. We pulled this up on a screen and got to talking about what we would each take. It was pretty surprising to see the different answers. Sure, there are plenty of jokes here, with the weed and the volleyball listed. But it was interesting to hear the reasons for bringing a rope or a flare gun- both picked exclusively by two separate people.

Two different “loadouts” emerged from our discussion, and we wanted to see what you guys would pick. Let us know which four tools you would take with you to a desert island if you were able. We may all just be surprised at what we learn from each other. Or at the very least, we might have a few laughs. Check out our results at the link below, but be sure to chime in on the comments or on Facebook.

Ask a Prepper Series: Desert Island Survival Scenario

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