Carry Firearms and Gear – What I Recommend and Why…

Carry Firearms and Gear – What I Recommend and Why…

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Carry Firearms and Gear – What I Recommend and Why… - This is an article about how to choose a firearm for carry, why, how and when to carry as well as the opinions of several extremely solid shooters
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We have taken in a lot of people over the last decade. We have saved a lot of people from the hellholes of the world. For these actions we are not rewarded. Instead, we had to bring in some of the most horrific members of forieg societies as well. We have seen beautiful Americans murdered of all ages. The rapes and the robberies, as well as the opioid epidemic that is sweeping the nation, has reach a crescendo. America is a wonderful place but you would be foolish not to be armed.

This is without the consideration of our own homegrown maniacs. Radical Islam seems to germinate in the minds of those in America who find their “way” through the teachings of radicals. This article will tell you how to protect yourself and what to carry to keep yourself and your family safe.

Carry Firearms and Gear – What I Recommend and Why…

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