Cat Litter Uses in a Prepper World

Cat Litter Uses in a Prepper World

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Cat Litter Uses in a Prepper World
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Cat litter is not only for the cat! This could literally be one of the best investments you could have if SHTF….

I have cats so I have a few buckets of cat litter around and after reading this I probably will be stockpiling more! Cat litter is not just for your cats to go potty… This can be a valuable commodity if SHTF.

The main ingredient that makes cat litter absorb so well is bentonite clay and is made of aged volcanic ash which gives it a very unique ability to produce an electrical charge when hydrated.

There are a lot more uses for it too, I was amazed when I read what I could do with it. Some I even had to try out to see if it were true! Read the full article below:

Cat Litter Uses in a Prepper World

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