Common North American Spider Identification Database

Common North American Spider Identification Database

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Common North American Spider Identification Database - Have you always wondered what type of spider is in your house or garden? Now you can check this database and ID any North American spider. A lot of info and pictures on each spider.
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I honest to God hate spiders. I can’t even stand the small ones. They just freak me the hell out! Every time I see one I have to either get the wife to move it outside, or I get my shoe and squish it. Only problem is where I live we get big ones, like dollar coin size ones.

Half the time I am wondering is it venomous or not. In my mind they all are venomous. That’s why I kill them. I had a spider that looked very much like a black widow in my doorway the other day and I couldn’t even bring myself to squish it thinking that if it really was a black widow and it didn’t die, it would hunt me down. Turns out it was just a standard pregnant American House Spider.

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