Create a Simple Farady Cage

Create a Simple Farady Cage

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Create a Simple Farady Cage - preparedness
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Image Credit: Phliar via Flickr

The EMP is still a substantial threat to our society. A government report was published only a few years ago that detailed the effects of an EMP on much of the infrastructure in our country. Water, food production, electricity and transportation are some of the most important services that would fall apart first. You will need every bit of advantage you can muster. A faraday cage can keep your precious electronics safe from an EMP.

This article gives you directions on how to create one of the simplest faraday cages out there. The beauty of these contraptions is that they are cheap and take very little time to create. The difference they make can be monumental. If you were to wake up one day following the effects of an EMP and you were able to pull a radio, phone, IPad filled with offline survival docs and other important electronics it would be a very big deal.

Create a Simple Farady Cage

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