Data Storage for Preppers

Data Storage for Preppers

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Data Storage for Preppers - hacking is one of the greatest threats that most preppers don't take the time to plan for.
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Like it or not data is everything. There was a time when you could play the card of the luddite and pretend that your life wasn’t governed by technology. The truth is, nearly every aspect of our lives is governed by some form of technology and it seems to be creeping ever closer to total takeover. There is more of your personal affects on the net than ever before. I think hacking is one of the greatest threats that most preppers don’t take the time to plan for.

This is a great article that helps breakdown the severity of the situation. The author then goes on to talk about backing up and the various options you have when it comes to backing up data.  The types of data are broken up in this article as well. This helps you organize which data should take priority.


Data Storage for Preppers

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