DIY All Purpose Essential Oil House Cleaning Spray

DIY All Purpose Essential Oil House Cleaning Spray

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DIY All Purpose Essential Oil House Cleaning Spray
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Chemicals are absolutely everywhere, and not always the kind we really want to be around us or in our homes. People are having reactions to, or simply do not agree with, certain compounds that are found in the products we use, especially cleaning products. You wouldn’t pour chemicals on your meat before cooking it, right? Some cleaners leave behind a residue that may not necessarily be good for you, especially if it builds up.

The internet is loaded with DIY recipes for cleaner but to find a good, all around cleaner that is safe on almost all surfaces is a real treasure. You’ll be surprised at how many of the ingredients are already in your home, not to mention how inexpensive it really is to make your own cleaner.

By doing it yourself, you end up not only saving money, you also end up with a superior product that can be adjusted to suit your needs and preferences!

This method of making this DIY cleaner is easy and eco-friendly due to being able to reuse the containers over and over again. You can customize the scents you prefer or go along with the suggested ones in the recipe until you are comfortable with making your own!

DIY All Purpose Essential Oil House Cleaning Spray

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