DIY Fishing Without Modern Gear

DIY Fishing Without Modern Gear

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DIY Fishing Without Modern Gear - Effective
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People have been fishing for millennia and in that time, not much has changed as far as the process or even the equipment used. Sure, there are depth finders and motorized this or that to ‘make it easier’ but you ever notice how it’s still called fishing and not ‘catching?’

In modern times, we have large nets and vessels to fish with but they are effectively doing the same thing that Native Americans in Southeast Alaska did with their canoes and nets. A fishing pole now is the same as it used to be, functionally speaking: you’re putting a line in the water in the hopes that a fish will bite. Don’t have a hook? Make one! All the hook does it hold the bait, lodge into the fish and (hopefully) hold until you can get it out of the water.

Fishing without modern gear is still being practiced even now in many countries. These primitive methods are easy to craft yourself and learning the skills now can make a big difference if you ever find yourself in a survival situation. Make it into several fun family outings where you can learn together and also teach other lessons about using a knife properly and how to make a fire for warmth versus cooking. Doing it before you actually need it is key! You don’t learn how to sail a ship in the middle of a storm and it’s the same with survival and bushcraft skills.

DIY Fishing Without Modern Gear

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