DIY Foil Solar Panels for Windows (VERY Easy)

DIY Foil Solar Panels for Windows (VERY Easy)

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DIY Foil Solar Panels for Windows (VERY Easy)
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Getting off the grid as much as we can is top priority. This panel is only 3/4 of an inch thick and weighs in at less than three pounds. On a partly cloudy day the black foil collector reached about 150 degrees (during the sunny times). The film front only felt warm to the touch and the aluminum flashing on the back of the panel only made it to 98 degrees. See how to make one or a few below 🙂

This type of solar panel (like most) only work if you have south facing windows; and of course, a little sun helps. But the nice thing about these panels…

They are VERY easy to make and hang “INSIDE” your window where you don’t need to concern yourself with zoning codes or big ugly boxes hanging on the side on your house. A plus, you can take them down in the summer; also, because of their design… you can use these in apartments and condos.

DIY Foil Solar Panels for Windows (VERY Easy)

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