DIY Homemade and Improvised Weapons

DIY Homemade and Improvised Weapons

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DIY Homemade and Improvised Weapons
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See these awesome homemade and improvised weapons and see what you could make if SHTF and you need a weapon quickly.

I have seen some cool looking homemade and improvised weapons, but these take this to the next level. If I am being honest, the look of these would scare me off pretty quickly.

Some of us will not have guns, crossbows, spears etc if SHTF, its just the way of the world, some country’s do not allow guns and some people just don’t trust them in their house but what would you do if you had no weapon to defend your house or your family?… MAKE ONE!

This article shows us some pretty awesome clubs, slingshots and deadly stuff just laying around the house. Check them all out and if you can think of any more please head on over to out FB page and comment on the post or write on our wall 🙂

DIY Homemade and Improvised Weapons

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