DIY Mini Bio-Gas Plant Using Decomposable Organic Material

DIY Mini Bio-Gas Plant Using Decomposable Organic Material

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Did you know you can produce your own gas to cook with from decomposable organic material and kitchen waste? Well, you can 🙂

The bio-gas produced from food waste, decomposable organic material, and kitchen waste consists of methane and a little amount of carbon dioxide.

It is a great alternative fuel for cooking gas (LPG). Also, the waste materials can be disposed off efficiently without any odor or flies and the digested slurry from the bio-gas unit can be used as an organic manure in the garden.

This project can be made in a day and doesn’t cost the earth to make. PVC and plastic buckets are really easy to get a hold of, craigslist may have some for free.  The great thing about this is the waste products can be used as manure or fertilizer on your garden. So its a win win.

Check out how to make this and let us know if you actually do. We always like to see your photos.

How To Build A Mini Bio-Gas Plant Using Decomposable Organic Material

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