DIY Rocket Stove Out Of Stones And Coat Hangers

DIY Rocket Stove Out Of Stones And Coat Hangers

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DIY Rocket Stove
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This DIY rocket stove project will transform the way you cook while camping and save you valuable resources if SHTF.

I love rocket stoves, they can boil water so economically you may only need to use 5 or 6 small sticks, to cook a full meal maybe 7 – 10. SO this saves valuable calories looking for bundles of fire wood just to cook or boil water.

I think this design is awesome, it will take a while to construct and probably will take you a few tries but once its completed this rocket stove could just save your behind.

Common sense would also tell you that after you have finished cooking or boiling water that the stones would remain hot and therefore provide needed heat. Check out how to make this below:

DIY Rocket Stove Out Of Stones And Coat Hangers

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