Do You Live In A Hotspot For Civil Unrest?

Do You Live In A Hotspot For Civil Unrest?

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Do You Live In A Hotspot For Civil Unrest? - Civil unrest is a broad term used to describe a group of people that are publically displaying protest and displeasure over any number of social and political issues. Civil unrest isn’t limited to riots and although common, violence and destruction aren’t necessary to classify civil unrest.
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This is a big topic to get ahead of. You have to be honest about what our country is right now. Those with the voice seem to be angry. They have hijacked the microphone and are not happy. There are also very few outlets preaching unity in this nation. Between the division and the anger we are rife with opportunity for civil unrest. In fact we have seen it happen all over the nation already.

This article is a great read on the topic. It breaks down civil unrest and talks about many of the possibilities therein. Its an honest article that talks about how some events can last just a couple hours and be over. Still, you are going to want to be prepared if you are caught in the hail of that storm for two hours. The article also talks about gauging the possibility of civil unrest in your area.

Do You Live In A Hotspot For Civil Unrest?

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