EDC for Regular People and Then Some! The One Item You’ll Go Back Home For!

EDC for Regular People and Then Some! The One Item You’ll Go Back Home For!

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EDC for Regular People and Then Some! The One Item You’ll Go Back Home For! - smartphone
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This is an incredibly honest article about EDC. It’s not about putting together an elaborate kit or anything like that. Its basically about the most powerful EDC in your pocket each day. That, of course, is your cell phone. For some reason when it comes to technology survivalists and preppers tend to balk. If we are talking about true disaster preparedness, the likelihood of a SHTF scenario that also involves a total collapse in satellite and all electronics is pretty slim.

To make an article entertaining you often have to find new ways to open the article. This one opens in one of my favorite ways, fiction. The harrowing tale of a person who left their smartphone at home. There are some great links as well. One in particular for a solar charger that costs just over $20!

EDC for Regular People and Then Some! The One Item You’ll Go Back Home For!

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