EDC Survival Flashlight Buyers Guide 2017

EDC Survival Flashlight Buyers Guide 2017

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EDC Survival Flashlight Buyers Guide 2017 - list
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Owning a great EDC survival flashlight is not about a fear of the dark. A powerful flashlight is about insight. The better insight you have on a situation the safer and better off you will be. I have used quality flashlights professionally and personally for years. There is no substitute to that beam of light that shows the truth of the area around you. This buyers guide is a definitive work on the latest flashlights out there. The article covers a variety of flashlight types. You will see smaller EDC lights, more reasonably sized flashlights that still carry well. There is also a great section on headlamps that carry well.

The article starts with the very important designations about the details of flashlight and what you might be looking for. Things like batteries, lumens and resistances. These are all very important things to consider when making a purchase. Enjoy this article. Set some time aside to really get into it.

EDC Survival Flashlight Buyers Guide 2017

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