Eight Efficient Food Crops to Grow

Eight Efficient Food Crops to Grow

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Many families grow their own food in order to become self-sufficient. There is nothing better than home grown food. It’s cheaper, fresher and often better tasting than the one you buy from the supermarket. However, starting your own garden can be challenging. Things complicate even more if you decide to grow the wrong crops.

Most garden beginners abandon their homesteading plans because they have a first bad experience. Their crop fails to grow or to produce the expected amount of vegetables. For most, a bad gardening experience is all it takes to discourage them. To avoid this situation and boost your confidence you should start by growing efficient food crops.

“What are efficient food crops?” you may ask. To put it simple, food crops that can grow in any variety of circumstances. The crops you can grow, regardless if you live on the rocky coast of Maine or in the high desert. These crops will produce vegetables with many uses, raw or cooked.

The eight efficient food crops described in this article are perhaps the most efficient food crops to grow. They do not require too much care work and can still provide a loft of food per plant. All the crops listed are recommended for first time gardeners. They are reliable in most situations, tolerate poor soil and drought and stand up to various plant diseases.

You can’t fail if you plant thee crops and you will have large amounts of crop per plant.

Read the article below to discover these efficient food crops:

Eight Efficient Food Crops to grow

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