Go Away Green – Disney’s Camouflage Paint

Go Away Green – Disney’s Camouflage Paint

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Go Away Green – Disney’s Camouflage Paint
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Disney is full of surprises. We have all seen how they used to hide adult images on their VHS sleeves; and if you haven’t it’s worth checking out. Today, we’re talking about what they hide in plain sight every day.The magic of their theme parks is achieved by having both adults and kids feel like they have gone to another land free of boring structures, mundane places, and unsightly sights. One of the ways they achieve this is through a simple paint camouflage.

Obviously, the military and Disney have taken a cue or two from nature when it comes to camouflage. The theme we explore in the article below is that camouflage doesn’t have to be the typical “GI Joe camouflage pattern” we are all familiar with. Disney uses a boring shade of green to hide elements of their park in plain site. As preppers, we can learn from this tactic to hide things as well- without the military look. Check out our article below to see the shade that works well for Disney and how you can use it to your own advantage:

Go Away Green – Disney’s Camouflage Paint

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