Growing Potatoes in Straw for Easy Gardening

Growing Potatoes in Straw for Easy Gardening

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The first time I heard about growing potatoes in straw, I taught it was a joke. After researching the subject for quite a while, I discovered this is an underrated gardening method. The technique of growing potatoes in straw originates in the Northern European countries. The inhabitants of those countries have been doing it for hundreds of years

In fact, it is much easier to grow potatoes in straw or hay than planting them in dirt. The method has been perfected over hundreds of years and besides straw, other mulching materials can be used. After spending a lot of time at my father’s farm, digging potatoes out of hard dirt, I decided that job is not for me. I said it’s worth giving this method a try because I was getting tired dealing with an achy back.

I followed two of the most widespread methods of growing potatoes using this method. The main idea is to use straw mixed with a bit of manure or compost to grow a large crop in a limited space. This is a great gardening solution for those living in urban environments. It is recommended for all the people struggling with limited gardening space or lack of cultivable land.

There are various ways you can grow potatoes in straw and I tried the simpler methods. Since it was my first time, I didn’t want to complicate things. The methods I’m currently using to grow potatoes are the straw mound and the trench techniques. Anyone can grow potatoes using these methods as long as they have the proper seeds and pay attention to what they are doing.

Read the article below to discover how easy these methods are:

Growing Potatoes in Straw for Easy Gardening

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