Hands Off Fishing Techniques

Hands Off Fishing Techniques

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Hands Off Fishing Techniques - List
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There are no two ways about it. Fishing is the best way to get protein in a survival situation, period. Even chasing small game can be an endeavor that proves unsuccessful. Knowing how to setup snares and traps will increase your odds but I still say look to the water for easy and effective protein. This article offers three main ways to go about grabbing that great protein. The rod and classic techniques are observed first. Another very interesting method using a coke can is observed next. This is one you will get a kick out of if you haven’t heard of it.

Fish traps are incredibly effective and require zero oversight. That makes them even more effective. When it comes to a hands of protein source creating one of these fish traps is the best route. You can spend precious time finding water and other food while knowing there are fish to eat, worst case scenario.

Hands Off Fishing Techniques

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