Healthy Backyard Geese

Healthy Backyard Geese

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Healthy Backyard Geese - The article outlines the steps and methods that a goose owner should take.
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We have all heard about backyard chickens. One of the great investments of life if you do not have them yet. There is also an argument about having ducks instead of chickens. I do love some fresh duck eggs. What is news to me, however, is this article about backyard geese. I enjoy a good goose on New Years and they are fatty and delicious. I never would have thought about keeping them. At best they are a hunting opportunity.

The article outlines the steps and methods that a goose owner should take. There are a tremendous amount of benefits to owning geese outside of their great eggs and meat. The article features a section about geese as watch dogs. How wild? When you think about it …geese are about as annoying as it comes when you are fishing a good pond. Geese are yet another consideration for the homesteader.

Healthy Backyard Geese

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