Hone Your Axe Skills to Functional Fitness

Hone Your Axe Skills to Functional Fitness

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Hone Your Axe Skills to Functional Fitness - tip
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There is something about a strong hickory handle and a hand forged head that has been slammed by a craftsman over and over again. When I first picked up an axe with the right intentions I realized there was something electric about it. This article offers a look into how possible it is to manage fire wood by simply using an axe. It is not the easiest way to get at a cord of firewood but it is possible and this article shows the process from start to finish. It also fills gaps with other resources as well.

There are tips in this article that you wouldn’t expect to find such as how to carry logs that you have felled to get them back to base camp. This article is very much about the start to finish product using only an axe. You will quickly come to realize the depths of functional fitness in this endeavor.

Hone Your Axe Skills to Functional Fitness

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