How To Build a One Sheet Boat

How To Build a One Sheet Boat

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Having a boat can be great- you can catch your own fish, have fun out on a lake, or if the situations calls for it, get out of Dodge!  Boats can be expensive, though, and if you can afford a larger one you’ll also have to worry about storing it.  For a lightweight, simple boat that will suffice for fishing or a SHTF getaway, Instructables has a great tutorial.

This tutorial is for a one sheet boat, meaning it only needs one large sheet of plywood, a couple of 2×4’s, some duct tape and fasteners.  That’s it! The tutorial shows how to build a boat according to competition regulation, but you have some leeway if it’s just for your personal use. For example, instead of duct tape you could use a waterproof adhesive if you have it.  Otherwise, this is a great tutorial that uses materials that you probably have laying around, or you can get your hands on pretty easily.

How To Build a One Sheet Boat

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