How To Install a Truck Bed Storage System

How To Install a Truck Bed Storage System

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If you’re a homesteader, you are probably used to having plenty of fix-it or build-it projects around the property.  Hauling your tools and supplies back and forth can be a major pain, and adds a lot of time to any task.  Tool boxes can only hold so much, and get very heavy, plus some materials are too big and cumbersome to bring out to the location all at once. A solution to this problem is to build a truck bed workshop, and DIY Network has a step by step tutorial for such a project.

The build doesn’t require too much, and can be customized to fit the tools and materials that you typically use.  A lot of the materials can be repurposed, too.  If you can find a used rubber liner and plywood in decent condition, you can save a lot of money.  This mobile workshop is super handy, plus it looks impressive!

How To Install a Truck Bed Storage System

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