How to Keep Up with Your Medications in Case of Emergency

How to Keep Up with Your Medications in Case of Emergency

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How to Keep Up with Your Medications in Case of Emergency -- Being a prepper comes with some unnecessary stigma. Often folks are portrayed as being too scared and overly concerned with situations that may never occur.
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Prepping Done Right

Being a prepper comes with some unnecessary stigma. Often folks are portrayed as being too scared and overly concerned with situations that may never occur. However, prepping is something everyone should do at some level in order to be ready at a given moment’s notice. Things do happen and having preparations in place are absolutely necessary. Here are some things you should consider if you want to begin a prepping in your home.


If a natural disaster should occur, will you have enough of your medicines on hand? No one wants to worry about hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes, but during any one of these major catastrophes you are going to need an ample supply of your medicines. A diabetic cannot go without their insulin. Cancer patients will still need their medicines. Asthmatics won’t be able to go without their inhalers. By storing extras in case of a natural disaster, you are ensuring your loved ones will have their supplies should the nearest pharmacy be damaged or destroyed. Community organizations do their best to get those supplies but they may not be the right type of medicine or even at the dosage you or your loved one will need! Search online for “a pharmacy near me” to find people who can help you stock up!

Natural Medicines

Some folks prefer using natural medicines to maintain their health and manage their illnesses. Stocking up on an extra months worth of natural medicines is a great way to ensure that you will be able to have those items on hand. Often, community services will not make natural medicines a priority in their own stock and getting help to obtain them can be even more difficult that traditional medicines.Even having the supply of natural medicines when you can’t obtain your traditional medicines is an excellent way to be prepared for the worst.


No matter what sort of natural catastrophe hits your area, water is a major necessity. When Flint, MI first experienced their own water crisis, preppers with stockpiles of water were able to rely on it for their own use. While trucks brought in water to the area, it was rationed out carefully in order to provide everyone with some water. This also meant that many homes did not receive enough to really allow them to cook, clean, or drink with. Those same folks now have to rely on purchasing water in the stores and often that means inflated prices for bottled water. By saving up now, when you can find gallons of water at a cheaper price, you can ensure your family will have plenty.


It goes without saying that in any natural disaster, food becomes a little harder to come by. We may lose our items in freezers and refrigerators due to power outages, thus we rely more on canned and dehydrated goods. Community organizations rely on food donations and that means they are rationed out carefully and you may not receive enough to feed your family comfortably. Having extra in safe place can ensure a full belly for you and your children.

Camping Goods and Generators

With most natural disasters come the lack of electricity. Losing power from a hurricane or tornado is extremely common and can you leave you feeling frustrated at how you now must live. A generator in the home can help you with keeping you warm, allowing you to cook on a stove, and even powering up other electronics you may need for communication purposes. Camping goods are also a vital staple to the prepper. Some of those items are:

·  Walkie talkies

·  Propane lamps and propane

·  Camp stoves

·  Grills, lighter/matches, coal

·  Tents should you need shelter

·  Flashlights and batteries

·  Candles

·  Rope

·  Small knives

·  Warm sleeping bags

·  Air mattresses

·  Clothes, in case your usual wardrobe is ruined or destroyed

There should be no shame in prepping for an emergency. As it is now, we are seeing wildfires on the west coast, hurricane season is in full swing in the southeast, and tornadoes are common in the Midwest. Many folks wait until they receive warning to run out and grab extra supplies. Use a Prepper’s Guide to help you with creating your own plan!

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