How To Make A Toothbrush In The Field

How To Make A Toothbrush In The Field

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How To Make A Toothbrush In The Field - To make a twig toothbrush, simply cut a green twig about the diameter of a pencil and just as long. Pound the end of the twig with a clean, smooth rock. Then chew this end for a minute to moisten and soften the bristles; and finally, brush away.
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Have you ever been caught out in the field minus your toothbrush? It can happen. Thankfully, our ancestors had plenty of options that we can still use today so we don’t end up going to bed with stank breath.

I have used something similar to this when I was in the military and it worked really well, I even enjoyed the aftertaste the stick and pine needles left. This is a quick and easy way to make a toothbrush. Use this if you want to rough it while camping or you forget your toothbrush on the road! Mother nature can always provide!

How To Make A Toothbrush In The Field

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