How To Make A Water Vessel Out Of A Log With Fire

How To Make A Water Vessel Out Of A Log With Fire

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Did you know that you could use a log to store water in if SHTF? It’s a real easy project to do, it just takes time, that’s why I am calling it a weekend project.

Whoever wrote the original article first language probably isn’t English but it’s understandable and the instructions are easy and in pictures. I totally agree with them that this method has been used for thousands of years and is still being used today in some tribes across the world.

This way of storing water can eliminate the need for plastic bottles … I’m not saying this is useful for today’s living in the city but if SHTF this way of life will be thrown upon you and if you had some of these laying around you could at least store water and teach others how to make these vessels.  See the full article below:

How To Make A Water Vessel Out Of A Log With Fire

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