How To Make Acorn Coffee

How To Make Acorn Coffee

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How To Make Acorn Coffee - Acorn coffee is easy to make and filled with nutrients that make any cold morning or evening satisfyingly awesome!
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When eaten, raw acorns have a really bitter taste and will leave a funny astringent feeling in the mouth, some people presumed that they were poisonous to eat but they just don’t taste that good – and so its best to process them before making use of them.

Although this is a recipe for acorn coffee, it doesn’t really taste like coffee, but it is still a very warming and nutritious, comforting drink to have in the morning.

This will not only provide some nutrition, it will lift moral and bring some sense of normal back to an emergency situation, even if it only lasts 3 minutes or so. Great knowledge to know in the bush.

How To Make Acorn Coffee

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