How to make an Emergency Water Filter

How to make an Emergency Water Filter

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How to make an Emergency Water Filter - DIY
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The bio filter is a powerful tool in your survival kit. We all know the importance of being able to filter water. Cleansing water is such an important part of any survival situation. No matter how good you are at building shelters or making fires, if you drink some tainted water that could be the end of you. This article takes the traditional bio filter and builds it inside of a five gallon bucket. I love this idea because it gives you the ability filter more water.

This article is a step by step process with a very clear ingredient list. If you are looking for a great guide for creating an efficient bio filter this one is an imperative. There is also a very small paragraph about activated charcoal and its role in the bio filter as well as where to get it. The article rounds out with a section about storing water as well so you aren’t solely dependent on your bio filter.

How to make an Emergency Water Filter

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