How To Make Color Fire For Your Fire Pit

How To Make Color Fire For Your Fire Pit

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How To Make Color Fire With Household Products! — Nothing is cooler than going to a friends bon fire and surprising everyone by tossing in a fire log only to have the fire turn completely a different color!
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Have you ever gone to a bonfire and when someone tossed a log on, the fire turned colors? Most of us have seen fires that burn in blues, greens, or even bright flashes of light in the movies but most don’t realize is these chemical reactions can be from simple items found in the common household! With keeping safety in mind, it is very easy to make your own fire logs that will burn in various colors and make any fire a special one.

One example would be the use of Borax. Used for enhancing the cleaning power of your laundry detergent, Borax is inexpensive and easy to obtain in just about any laundry detergent section. When wood has been soaked in a mixture of borax and water, then left to dry, will end up burning a yellowish green color. Imagine adding some scary ambiance during a Halloween party or when telling ghost stories around the camp fire.

This DIY project is meant for the older kids with supervision or as an adult activity. It is important to use rubber gloves when making your own color changing fire logs because some chemicals can burn or irritate the skin. The end results will make for a memorable evening and be talked about for years!


How To Make Color Fire For Your Fire Pit

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