How to Purify Pine Resin and Make Pine Pitch

How to Purify Pine Resin and Make Pine Pitch

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How to Purify Pine Resin
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Well, I have to share this topic with you as my mind has been blown. Let me first start by saying the pine tree is just freaking awesome, it’s found every where in the world, pretty much and did you know the WHOLE tree is edible? The bark, needs, cones and the roots make excellent cordage in a pinch.

If you are in a real emergency situation then you would obviously chop at the tree to make your own resin pools but if you are just practicing your skills or making a stockpile or resin for glue please consider spending extra time and look for pine resin deposits that happen naturally, usually caused by a fracture in a limb by a storm, lightning, or animals scratching on the bark. I also gather resin that oozes naturally out of the broken knots in the pine tree.

To see how to make this easy can resin burner click here (opens in a new window) then check out the other article below 🙂

Check out how to make some natural glue with just pine resin and charcoal. The article below is FULL with information and pictures showing you how to make the glue.

How to Purify Pine Resin and Make Pine Pitch

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