How To Restore Cast Iron Cookware

How To Restore Cast Iron Cookware

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How To Restore Cast Iron Cookware - tip
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Most probably, all of you have a cast iron pot or pan inherited from your grandparents. The cast iron cookware our ancestors used is virtually indestructible. If you managed to store it in proper conditions it will last a lifetime.

Although cast iron is sturdy and it won’t be damaged if dropped, rust is still a problem for this cookware. Over the years, I’ve bought a lot of cast iron utensils from yard sales and flea markets. Even though some of them looked unappealing and were covered in rust, I still took them home. I can spot a bargain when I see one and I will never leave an iron skillet behind.

When you notice that a cast iron pan is covered in rust, you shouldn’t worry. Those items can still be restored. There is an easy method to do so and anyone can do it! Even the most damaged items can still be reused after a proper reseasoning. Cast iron will last forever and it’s a pity not buying it when you have the chance.

Some people restore cast iron cookware through sand blasting, however there’s an easier way. You can restore your pots and pans using ingredients and tools available in your home. All you need is a large container, steel wool, water and white vinegar.

Here is the step by step guide to restore cast iron cookware:

  1. Gather your cast iron cookware

After you purchased all your cast iron items from the flea market, it’s time to gather all utensils together. The container you’ve set aside should hold each piece submerged. I have to warn you that some items are more difficult to clean than others. When you restore cast iron cookware, items such as cornbread pans will give you a hard time.

Read the full guide to restore cast iron cookware here:

How To Restore Cast Iron Cookware

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