How To Use Leaves as Tin Foil

How To Use Leaves as Tin Foil

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How To Use Leaves as Tin Foil - DIY
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Before there was tin foil, metal pots, or even pottery, there were leaves. Ancient humans used to eat meat and other foods raw just like the other animals. With the discovery of fire came the knowledge of cooked food lasting longer. Before that, they used to cook on rocks or directly in the coals and just scrape (or eat) the charcoal left behind.

Eventually, humans realized that certain leaves were thick and strong enough to be able to cook in. It is a practice that has been in use for thousands of years and is still used in today’s modern society.

This discovery was spread across the world from explorers, migrating peoples, war, and trade routes. On every continent (except Antarctica!) there are leaves you can use to wrap food into and place in coals or close to the fire. Cultures all over the world have history of using leaves as nature’s ‘tin foil.’

How To Use Leaves as Tin Foil

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