Is Firepen a Viable Breaching Tool? – Gear Tasting 116

Is Firepen a Viable Breaching Tool? – Gear Tasting 116

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Some subjects just require a video and when I heard about this firepen I thought a video would offer a much better option to explain this tool. The question is whether it is breaching tool. Still, I wonder whether it is not only a breaching tool but what about an escape tool? Of course this all sounds silly to you because you have no idea what I am talking about yet.

This is a video and its a video that features the review of a couple things. One of those things is the firepen. Be sure that you watch the review of the firepen. There is other great information in this video as well but this tool has me thinking whether or not it deserves a place in the bugout bag. You make your decision and leave it in the comments below.

Is Firepen a Viable Breaching Tool? – Gear Tasting 116

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