Is Your Clean Water Really Clean

Is Your Clean Water Really Clean

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Is Your Clean Water Really Clean - tips
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This article is a stirring look at the idea of clean water. It takes a look at several common ways that we clean water both at home and on the trail. Its an exciting topic because we all want to believe that our water filtering method offers us the most clean water. This is particularly important because we understand now more than ever that water is so essential to drink on a regular basis. If the established RDA for water is a gallon each day than we better have a good clean source.

The article also explores “clean” and what that means to different people. This is another interesting thought when you consider what we are trying to achieve with various filters. If you are slurping through a LifeStraw you are probably most concerned about avoiding water borne pathogens. Now, if you are filtering water in your home the demand will be much higher on that filter.

Is Your Clean Water Really Clean

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