Level Up EDC: Featuring Sensei James Williams

Level Up EDC: Featuring Sensei James Williams

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With everyday that passes you are putting yourself at risk by not bolstering your EDC. What you carry on your person everyday or your every day carry may have once been benign. Today, with the threats that loom, you should consider adding a few things to your EDC or everyday carry. One of the best additions, if possible, is a concealed carry handgun. The gun is the great equalizer. This is a great look into one mans EDC and the many levels he prepares for.

In this article you will get a brief introduction to Sensei James Williams before seeing the many levels of what he carries on his person and in his car and in his pack. One think I have notices about looking over another man’s gear. You always learn something.

Level Up EDC: Featuring Sensei James Williams

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