Maintaining A Steady Supply of Water

Maintaining A Steady Supply of Water

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Maintaining A Steady Supply of Water - shtf
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We often give thought to the various situations where water is no longer available to us. In most cases we think of disasters that break main waterlines, we think about grid down scenarios where purification of water is impossible. These are all very real possibilities but this article takes a very different angle. How are you managing your end of the water supply. What fixtures, repairs and preparations have you made on your home system to assure it will survive a disaster?

This article offers some great advice at things that can be done to take full advantage of the sparse water that may be left or to make your system a more formidable one against damage. There is a small section about conservation as well but the story of this article is one about work at home and preps you can make on the network of pipes that provide your family water.

Maintaining A Steady Supply of Water

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