Make Kombucha

Make Kombucha

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Make Kombucha - This article gives you the method on how to bottle your won Kiombucha.
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Image Credit: Sandra via Flickr

There is a war brewing in your gut. You may thing what happens in your intestines inconsequential but scientists are learning more everyday about the health of your gut bacteria and how it affects overall health. The good news is fermented foods like those that are pickled can do wonders for our gut bacteria. This is a big deal considering we do a lot of preservation as preppers and survivalists. The popular drink known as Kombucha sends an cavalry of these probiotics down into your gut and into battle.

This article gives you the method on how to bottle your won Kiombucha. The great news is that its very easy to make. Kombucha is naturally carbonated and I love it as a substitute for soda when I want that effervescent rush.  This is a great drink that you can flavor in many ways as well. Its pretty neutral and lends itself to great herb flavors or things like ginger and berry.

Make Kombucha

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