Natural Health: Plantain

Natural Health: Plantain

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Natural Health: Plantain - One of the most common growing "weeds" in the nation.
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One of the most common growing “weeds” in the nation. This is not an article about the hard bananas you see in the market. No. This is about a small, leafy green that grows with a low profile in your driveway. You may be shocked to find out just how much can be done with this plant. The article goes in detail about how to identify it and even how to prepare and eat it . Its a great substitute for spinach.

Later in the article it breaks into a DIY layout where you learn to use plantain as a poultice. The other great part about this article is it shows you how to make a basic salve using the plantain. The salve base you learn here can be duplicated with any number of medicinal or fragrant herbs. There is also a section on creating tinctures. All work well and come from this common plant that is probably growing in your yard right now!

Natural Health: Plantain

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