Planning a Fruit Tree Guild

Planning a Fruit Tree Guild

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Planning a Fruit Tree Guild - Gardens are fun and exciting. They grow lots of food if you know what you are doing.
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Gardens are fun and exciting. They grow lots of food if you know what you are doing. I would recommend that every home have some small area that gets plenty of sun and can grow some food. Still, there is something near mystical about a growing fruit on trees in an urban setting in particular. That simple urban garden is impressive but if you are plucking peaches off of trees in your back yard that’s a show stopper. This article is all about building a family around your fruit trees to protect them, feed them and nurture them all year. This family is a group of plants called a guild.

These are basic permaculture principals that work in forests everyday. There is no magic in the process its merely a matter of considering the right plants to surround your trees. This article does a great job explaining how to build your army or guild of plants to protect your fruiting trees.

Planning a Fruit Tree Guild

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