Stop Running Pain

Stop Running Pain

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Prepping and Survival Drills to Run - shtf
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One of the most overlooked aspects of survival is lack of focus over skills and drills. Tools and gear may not be enough in a survival situation, when the only thing that will be certain is uncertainty.

Slow reaction time, tunnel hearing, tunnel vision, fainting and being frightened are just a few of the things that could get you and your loved ones seriously injured or worse when something happens.

This is why it’s important to do emergency drills for the disasters and emergencies you think you’ll have to face

Another important thing is to do these drills regularly. This will not only keep your memory fresh and instincts up-to-date but you’ll also gain new insights with each time you do them. Uncovering holes in your prepping plans is going to be one of the most

Some of the scenarios to consider practicing are bugging in, bugging out, fire drills, flooding and, of course, first aid.

Prepping and Survival Drills to Run

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