Pump Water Without Electricity

Pump Water Without Electricity

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Pump Water Without Electricity - guide
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Image Credit: Milan Vitéz via Youtube

If SHTF you could experience a drastic disruption to your water supply. Given the importance of water for survival, having a reliable source of water after a disaster needs to be one of your main priorities. Even worse, if the grid goes down it will be extremely difficult to pump water from a source, so taking the right precautions will be invaluable.

Consider a hydro powered water pump that requires no external energy (electric, solar or otherwise) using only the current of the water to power your water pump. It works due to the water in the wheel being higher than the release pipe, the larger the wheel the more pressure you will have to pump the water. More coils provide a greater head lift, or ability to pump uphill. What a ingenious idea and could be a lifesaver.

Pump Water Without Electricity (Video)

More Information on Water Wheel or Spiral Pumps

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