Serrated Vs Straight Edge Knives

Serrated Vs Straight Edge Knives

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Serrated Vs Straight Edge Knives - If you are looking for a good utility knife, then one with a serrated edge is probably the better choice because they are better for slicing soft fruits, vegetables and other foodstuffs. The straight edge knives would best serve you as a weapon.
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A serrated edge knife is an indispensable tool in your knife collection

. It may sound trivial to the average survivalist but nothing cuts a garden fresh tomato better than a sharp serrated knife. If you are baking fresh bread the serrated knife is great on that as well. I think a serrated edge shines in the food and prep world most. Of course, certain serrated edge knives can saw as well. This article details both types of blades and the various benefits for having each.

What I gleaned after reading this was music to my ears. That is, you need both types. When it comes to knives you want options. For those of you who enjoy a warm afternoon of buying cold steel its a good thing. If you aren’t employing a quality serrated knife in your kitchen I would say get your hands on one today.

Serrated Vs Straight Edge Knives

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