Surviving a Blizzard

Surviving a Blizzard

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Surviving a Blizzard - how to
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The whiteout conditions of a serious blizzard are no laughing matter. In listening to NYC officials talk about preparing for this most recent blizzard they spoke about how prepared they were to handle the snow but it was incumbent on people staying in and out of their way. This made me think about the madness of people. Why would they put themselves outside in such a dangerous condition. This article details the dangers of a blizzard and is written by and M.D which brings a unique angle.

The discussion is framed around surviving a blizzard first in the outdoors. Of course, this is the worst case scenario. The article also talks about impromptu shelter to attempt to weather a storm of this magnitude outdoors. Finally a detailed list of items for a winter car survival kit is listed out. This is the modern shell that many find themselves stuck or stranded in during a winter snow event.

Surviving a Blizzard

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