Surviving A Fall Through The Ice

Surviving A Fall Through The Ice

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Surviving A Fall Through The Ice - shtf
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If you were to fall through ice into freezing water that is over your head, do you know what to do? What if there is a current? Even if there’s people with you, they may not be able to assist you without falling in, too. Do you know how to survive a fall through the ice? The concept might seem pretty simple but the reality is anything but basic.

First, when your body is plunged into icy cold waters, all the blood rushes from your limbs to your core to keep vital organs warm. This also causes you to gasp in air and if you’re under the ice, your chances just got even worse than before. Panic is a natural reaction and it can take a lot of mental fortitude to battle through it and quickly assess your options.

Those who live near areas where people can fall through ice tend to give it great respect. They know that one badly placed step on ice that is rotting or hollow underneath can turn an otherwise wonderful day into a nightmare. Learn more about surviving this event by clicking the link below!

Advanced Prepping: How to Survive a Fall Through the Ice

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