The 15 Best Container Vegetables To Grow

The 15 Best Container Vegetables To Grow

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The 15 Best Container Vegetables To Grow - Once done with veggies you can start your own fruit garden as well.
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One of the most asked questions I get is, “What vegetables can I grow in containers

?” I get asked this because quite a few of us can’t garden because we rent or live in an apartment and only have a small balcony or patio.

The simplest answer is; virtually any type of vegetable or herb should fair well in a container as long as it has enough room. There are also ‘mini’ varieties of vegetables that have been specifically bred to do well in small spaces and look attractive.

I found a great article which shares with us the 15 best vegetables that grow well in containers and pots. Melons even fair well in a container believe it or not… I was surprised by this too.

The 15 Best Container Vegetables To Grow

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